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Our next meeting 

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th Setember 2017, when Mrs Kim Lowe will be speaking to us about The Life of Brookwood Cemetery. 
The programme of all our meetings during 2017 can be found by clicking here.
Group Circulars 853 and 854

Alliance HQ released two new Group Circulars which can be viewed here
Circular 853 provides details for those who will be attending the 
     Alliance Annual General Meeting at Coventry from 11-12 October 2017. 
Circular 854 however concerns wider matters, and among the topics covered are : 
  • The key features of the Civil Service Pensions arrangements 
         together with an at-a-glance poster attachment 

  • An announcement of the passing away of Syd Ashby, CSPA President 

Group Newsletter -- Spring 2017 edition 

Everyone in the Group will by now have received a personal copy of the Spring 2017 newsletter 
from Alliance HQ via Royal Mail. 
A copy of the newsletter can be found here. 
Malicious emails and software 

From time to time we have posted warnings here about malicious emails and software.     This is an ongoing problem and we can only mention those warnings that have been drawn to our attention.  
We would recommend however you subscribe to receive free alerts about the latest scams and more from Surrey Trading Standards by signing up to their regular TS Alerts! newsletters here.  

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