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Our next meeting 

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th April 2017 and is our Group Annual General Meeting, the most important meeting of the year.     This is the occasion when changes to the rules may be approved, elections held and motions prepared for presentation at the National Annual General Meeting in October. 
The programme of all our meetings during 2017 can be found by clicking here.
Group Circular 846 

Alliance HQ have released Group Circular 846 which can be viewed here.     Its contents include : 
  • Details of the 2017 Spring Budget Statement, 

  • The Alliance response HM Treasury's consultation on Indexatiom & Equalisation of 
    Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs) in Public Service Pension Schemes, 

  • The suspension of Legal Advice Services through Extended Membership Benefits, 

  • An offer from the Charity for Civil Servants (CfCS) to provide Q&A Sessions on Dementia 
    at a future Members' Meeting. 
Group Newsletter -- Spring 2017 edition 

Everyone in the Group will have received recently a personal copy of the Spring 2017 newsletter from Alliance HQ via Royal Mail.      This formally announces our Group Annual General Meeting in April and the group outing to Chartwell in June. 
A copy of the newsletter can be found here together with a separate copy of the form for the Chartwell outing, especially for those who prefer to keep their newsletters whole rather than having to cut out the form. 
Malicious emails and software 

From time to time we post warnings here about malicious emails and software that come to our attention.     One such email, purporting to come from BT, was mentioned at our meeting on 7 February.     This concerns an email that appears to respond to a user request to shut down a BT mailbox.     Others reported receiving similar emails but with variations.     In each case no such user request had been made and BT confirmed to the recipient the email had not originated from them.  
So be vigilant.     If you receive a similar email, apparently from BT and about which you are suspicious, do not click on any link in the email.     Instead follow official BT advice given here.  

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